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Posted on: September 24, 2010 7:40 am

Favre: We should have seen this coming

I always knew Brett Favre was coming back this year. As a lifelong Packer fan who has been privy to all Brett Favre for the past 20 years or so, and as a fervent supporter of his throughout the first three-quarters of his career, the routine became ingrained in my soul. Brett tries to get management to do stuff. Management caves in. Brett gets what he wants. It doesn't end in a Super Bowl victory. The only time management stood up to Brett's desires was when Brett decided to retire. "I'll show them; I'll just quit." Well, it didn't show them. And when he tried to come back to the Green Bay Packers, they basically told him "too late."
Brett came back and he did it with the Jets. And he had a dang good year, except that he wouldn't let anyone take him out when his injured thumb kept him from throwing a spiral the last several games of the year.
Then he retired again because he didn't really want to play for the Jets anyway. And by the time he decided to come back, believe it or not, the Jets had already drafted Mark Sanchez and were over the salary cap. So they had to let Brett go free agent. He left them no choice.
So, he goes to the Vikings and tells the coach when he's going to play and when he's not. Cause Brett by now is the most powerful GM in sports. And of course, he makes a stupid pass that costs the Vikings a chance to go to the Super Bowl. And then he makes it look like he may not come back unless the Vikes send a contingent of players to go tell him how much they miss him and need him. Of course, he already knew he was going to just sit out most of training camp and come back anyway and this trip to Hattiesburg, Miss., was just for show.
All along this convoluted path Brett Favre has taken the past several years (including the years of waffling every offseason with the Packers on whether he was coming back or not) he's at least wanted to play football. Sure, he's wanted to play WINNING football, and win a Super Bowl, too. But he's always enjoyed just playing football. The camaraderie, the competition, etc. 
This year, though, he admitted that the ONLY reason he came back was to win a Super Bowl. When I heard that, I thought things could very well go very wrong for him. He's not back for the competition. He's not back for the fun. He's not back for the camaraderie. He's only back cause he wants to win a Super Bowl. He doesn't care about the Minnesota Vikings players or fans. This is all about Brett Favre winning a Super Bowl for Brett Favre. It's different this time around and I bet his teammates can tell. He doesn't have the same enthusiasm anymore. Now, I know if he wins a few games, some of that enthusiasm will return. I'm not dumb enough to think his demeanor wouldn't change with a few victories.
But this return, more than all the others, is ONLY about Brett Favre winning a Super Bowl.
I see major disappointment in the man's immediate future.
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